So you want to break in the industry and develop and land a music job and/or career? There are many paths to take and is a great first step.

If you are looking for an entry-level position, getting involved in an internship at a record label or a publishing company is always a great start.

If you are already a skilled person (accountant, manager, marketing, sales executive) that doesn’t want to start from the bottom, you can always take your skills and look for the appropriate job that fits to start your music job and/or career.

Rick Rubin is the current Co-chairman of Columbia Records. Rick Rubin started Def Jam Records while he was a Senior year in High School and used the schools 4 Track Recorder to produce the first album. Upon graduating, he then moved his fledging label Def Jam into his dorm room at New York University. He then met Russell Simmons who was promoting concerts in NYC and the both of them took Def Jam out of the dorms and into a new level. They catapulted themselves on the music scene and embraced the fresh Rap scene that was happening in NYC.

Rick Rubin knew that creativity, ingenuity, and driven work ethic was his strengths. The world took notice when Def Jam launched Run DMC into commercial superstardom. Rick later went on to start American Recordings and did the same thing in rock with what he did with rap. He is also the creator behind the genres rap/rock or rapcore. He was the first to experiment with this when he fused Run DMC and Aerosmith together for the song, “Walk this Way”. Until that point, Rap was very seldom played on MTV and that all changed after that single hit. Rick Rubin has been the driven force behind many artists including Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Slayer, Danzig, Johnny Cash, Public Enemy, LL Cool J, Rage Against the Machine, Jay-Z, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dixie Chicks, Audioslave, etc.

Who would’ve ever thought this legacy would happen from a jewish kid from Lido Beach, NY. Today Rick Rubin is the Co-chairman of one of the largest recording companies in the world.

Music and the needs for music are always expanding. Years ago, if you wanted to work in the music industry, you took a job at a major record label or publisher. These days there are music positions open at all the Major TV Networks, Major Film Studios, Video Gaming Companies, Major Beverage Companies (Starbucks, Red Bull, etc), Major Technology/Computer companies (Apple, HP, Microsoft, etc) as well as the traditional routes such as Major Record Labels, Publishing Companies, Radio Stations, Touring companies etc..

Some say the music industry is in trouble, we believe it is only beginning. If you are passionate, creative and driven, should be your one -stop website to taking your career to the next level.

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